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Wall Sawing.

Wall Sawing

Wall Sawing 

Wall sawing requires highly-trained operators.

As you may have figured out, wall sawing is the cutting of openings in concrete walls. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Wall sawing requires great attention to detail and expertise to ensure an even cut.

Ace Cutting and Coring employees are experts at wall sawing and always make sure each cut is up to our clients’ standards. Our cutting machines can handle concrete of almost any size accurately due to our track-mounted circular saw.

Typical applications include making way for:

  • Windows
  • Doorframes
  • Vents
  • Power Lines
  • HVAC Lines
  • Walk-Out Basement Door
  • Bank Vaults
  • General Expansion and Renovations

Wall sawing is not just used for projects where construction is still underway. It’s safe to perform many wall sawing projects on completed buildings should you need some sort of expansion or renovation. Although, not all cutting and coring technicians can be trusted to do the job right. Attention to detail is even more key with standing buildings, so be sure to contact Ace Cutting and Coring if you want the job done right. Additionally, be sure never to rent wall sawing equipment and let untrained personnel operate the machinery. At the very least, they could ruin the project. At most, personal injury is a real option. Always be sure to hire trained professionals for complex projects.

We have specialized tools and a highly-trained team of professionals ready to tackle any project. There is no project too big, too small, or too complex. At Ace Cutting and Coring, we’re always ready to take on something new. When you partner with us, your project becomes our project and we’ll work around the clock to make it happen on time and on budget.

Ace Cutting & Coring provides a variety of services and are equipped to handle residential to industrial sized projects.

At Ace Cutting & Coring, our services all start with our honest, professional, and highly trained team. We’re available 24/7 to make sure the job gets done right and on time.

There is no project too big or too complex for us to handle. In fact, we design and build custom cutting equipment unique to the industry. We bring our own tools, power, and water supply with us.

If you’re in need of wall sawing services or would like more information, contact us today!





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